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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  May 27, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello. thanks for joining us for 9 news now at noon. i'm j contraction hayward. the head of the agency that heads off shore drilling has resigned. it has been a month since the disaster in the gulf began and it is estimated as many as 39 million-gallons of oil have seeped in to the gulf since april 20th. that's more than the 1989 exxon
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valdez disaster. catherine brown reports everyone is still waiting to see if yesterday's top kill actually worked. a mile below the gulf, a muddy mixture is now spewing from the broken well. no one is ready to declare victory yet but bp says the top kill procedure is going according to plan. teams worked through the night, pumping heavy mud in to the blowout preventer to push back the oil and gas. >> like arm wrestling between two wally strong people. the well and our operations. >> reporter: as soon as engineers can stabilize the pressure in the well, they will pump down cement to try to seal the leak for good. today government teams calculating how much oil has been leaking say it is at least 500,000-gallons a day. that's more than double original estimates making it the nation's worst oil spill ever. stepping up his response, president obama is announcing
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tougher off shore drilling safety standards today as well as a freeze on new deep water drilling permits. president obama will be back in louisiana tomorrow for his second visit since the oil rig explosion. with this disaster now in its fifth week, frustration here is growing by the day. thick brown oil has reached 100 miles of louisiana's coastline. the governor suggested the president show up with more protection for the shore. >> i don't know how many thousands of hard boom they can fit in air force one but as many as they can. >> reporter: the cleanup effort set suffered a set back on wednesday. several fishermen reported nausea, headaches and chest pain. the coast guard called all 125 commercial boats back to shore. catherine brown, cbs news, venice, louisiana. bp has been asking people for their ideas on how to stop the leak. a company that deals with large-
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scale industrial energy products and he believes he has a solution. a simple explanation to his plan is that it works like hair clogs a drain. he calls the idea a simple one, but getting bp officials to pay attention is difficult. >> we ask the critical questions for today that we needed and were later told it wasn't available. >> reporter: bp says so many ideas have come in that they don't have time to talk to individual inventors. there are over 25,000 ideas that have gone to the company, but bp does not have time actually to deal with each. our coverage continues on our website learn how you can pub mitt your ideas to bp. and watch the oil spill cam live. click on the banner on our home page. and coming up at 12:45, we will
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carry the president's news conference on the gulf oil spill live right here on channel 9. charges have been dropped against a spotsylvania man accused of trying to kidnap a 9- year-old boy. charles rice has been released from the rappahanock regional jail. investigators say it was a case of mistaken identity. police arrested and charged rice last week after a boy claimed that a man tried to lure him in to his pickup truck. officials say that rice matched the description of the suspect. metro's board of directors is meeting to vote on a record 15% increase in rail fares. our 9 news now reporter kristin fisher spent the morning at the gallery place chinatown metro station. are to find out how metro riders feel about rate hikes. >> reporter: this is a big deal for the metro board and metro riders because we're talking about the biggest rate hike in
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metro's history. the peak rail boarding charge would increase from 1.65 to 1.90 and the maximum fare would jump from 45 -- 4:50 to $5. it calls a peak of the peak surcharge which would charge an extra 20 cents during rush hour. >> i'm not happy about it at all. right now i pay a lot of money to stand on the train most of the time. so i'm really thinking about driving in. >> i'm a pretty infrequent rider. i don't come downtown much but it already seems pretty expensive between the fare and parking. >> reporter: metro's board is in agreement when it comes to the rate hikes but when it comes to the rest of the 2011 budget that's where it gets contentious. metro needs to close the $200 million budget gap the next fiscal year and those rate hikes account for half of that. the rest of it will likely come from service cuts, local jurisdictions and money from the capital budget which was
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originally intended to upgrade equipment. the start of the next fiscal year is one month away. in washington, you tin fisher, 9 news now. because we are about to celebrate memorial day, we decided to check the prices at the pump at some vacation hot spots. the numbers from aaa in the last 90 minutes show -- expect plenty of company if you are heading out of town for the holiday. our scott broom is taking a look at how gas prices among other things will spur a jump
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in traffic. here's a nice surprise for travelers on the eastern shore today. gas at $2.66 a gallon. >> gas prices have dropped considerably. >> reporter: yes, they have. here in maryland, from an average of $2.84 a month ago to 2.75 today. and lower still, here on this side of the bay bridge. prices on the way down. they are looking good. also looking good projections for holiday weekend travel. according to an annual survey announced by the aaa today. >> for the first time in a couple of years, we are projecting robust holiday travel. we're projecting a 6.5% increase and that 6.5% increase translates in to 803,000 washington area folks heading on trips of 50 miles or more for the memorial day weekend. >> reporter: a 2% increase is expected in bay bridge traffic over last memorial day with warnings from police to consider off-peak travel and to
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watch out for heavy enforcement on the way to beach resorts. >> we have begun the simmer sobriety check points. >> reporter: the wobbly economy not recovered but pent up demand to get on the road. >> long weekends. >> ocean city. >> rodney, i just rescued. >> ocean city's mayor even staged a little shtick with rodney the life guard saving another victim of board demeanor. >> get her to ocean city! >> reporter: scott broom, 9 news now. before you go on the road, why not travel to our website at because you can get realtime traffic updates for route 50, i- 95 and i-66. just click on the traffic tab. about every day this summer a peak travel day and charging extra fees. details coming up. see how the district is
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fighting giant trees that make it dangerous to walk in some neighborhoods.
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man: i'm over 50. even though i didn't have symptoms... woman: ...i got tested for colon cancer. man: this is one cancer you can prevent. woman: so if you're over 50... with your doctor... ...and get tested. announcer: screening saves lives. breaking news from annapolis, maryland. several people at the academy are being treated for heat- related illnesses. about 5 -- a 0 people are affected. we will have a full report at five. sounds like a plot to a movie. an assistant to a top executive
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at walt disney and her boyfriend have been arraigned on charges that they offered to sell secrets about disney's financial picture to investment companies. prosecutors say that bonny hocksy obtained disney's quarterly earnings before the results were publicly released and fed that information to her boyfriend, who tried to sell those tips to at least 33 investment companies. >> here's a look at captiol hill where house members plan to vote on a tax and spending package that will extend unemployment benefits. democratic leaders cut the cost of the bill by nearly a third yesterday in an effort to gain more support. the newer scaled back version would provide expanded jobless benefits through november and would delay scheduled cuts in medicare payments to doctors until 2012. coming up next, howard and
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the forecast. and he will have a guest. >> reporter: it is pet line thursday. so you will meet not one but two great animals that need help finding a home. the hurricane outlook as come out from noaa. and the allergy update is not good at all. the tree pollen is moderate, grasses are high, the weeds are low and the mold is moderate. we will talk about the heat, a chance of a cool down. the memorial day forecast. it is all coming up. [ static ]
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airlines are hoping to turn a profit and so they are raising airfare prices across the board. the airlines are calling nearly every day from june through august a peak travel day. ashley morrisson reports the move is upsetting travelers. >> reporter: get ready to pay even more to fly this summer. according to the consumer website fare, practically every major u.s. airline is treating every day this summer as a peak travel day which means added fees to the price of a ticket. >> another kick in the pant to a long series of things they have done to make flying less pleasant every year. >> that's tough. a lot more people driving. >> reporter: they which rowe charged holiday fees for three days last fall but this lasts all summer long on top of fees
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for baggage and plane fuel. they predict the airlines will be profitable this quarter for the first time in several years. if so, that's in large part from piling on those extra fees. according to fare, the airlines will charge $10 on tuesdays and wednesdays. $20 on thursday, friday, saturday and mondays, $30 on sundays. and those charges apply only to one-way tickets. so if you are flying round trip, the surcharge is double. >> the consumer should look at these and not fly on sundays for example when you could be charged $60 round trip. >> reporter: lou can you get the best deal on a ticket? >> perfect time to shop with the most cheap seats is tuesday afternoon. they remove them on thursday from the reservation system 0 is if you are shopping on the weekend you are probably paying too much. >> jetblue and southwest airlines are not charging extra for summer travel. they are banking those that don't want to pay the surcharge will head their way.
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cbs news, new york. if you trip and fall on certain sidewalks in the district, well, you are going to have some padding, iraq rubber. that's right. rubber sidewalking are gaining in popularity the reason is trees. because their roots grow an can cause sidewalks to buckle. vdot says if your neighborhood needs some rubber sidewalks, like these, just give them a call. we have warm weather here, but the hurricane season actually begins june 1st. >> that's right. next tuesday. and noaa this morning at 10:00 they came out with the seasonal outlook. and -- >> what is it? >> it may be a rough year. >> get right toe this graphics. why we think it could be an active tropical season in the atlantic basin. here's the outlook. one of the guys that is part of it helped me through calcuplus. with no else nino and possible
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la nina, that makes the winds less strong in the upper atmosphere and atlantic basin. the upper level winds are more favorable for tropical development. the fuel that feeds these storms, once they get going they should be going pretty well and with the upper level winds light any tropical waves will develop in to tropical storms and hurricanes. ultimately the upper level winds determine where they end up but it could be an active year. the forecast for the year. the season. got a spread on it. 70% confidence somewhere between 14 and 23 with 8 to 14 hurricanes. three to seven becoming major hurricanes, category three or higher and it suggests an active season. in the last 15 years eight of the top ten storms or seasons have sew curred in the last 15 years. so we are in a pattern of active hurricane activity. low 90s today. watch for strong storms late. cooler tomorrow with showers in the mid-70s and showers in to
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saturday morning and then clearing in the afternoon. again in the mid-70s. this afternoon, the forecast first. sunny and hot. scattered strong storms late. low 90s. north winds at five to ten. we are already 90. scattered showers and storms with lows in the 60s. 8:24 on the sunset and cooler tomorrow, cloudy with showers and maybe thunder. highs only 75. more comfortable. as far as the severe weather threat from new york state through the washington baltimore metro regions we have a threat of severe weather. we are talking about high winds, some hail possibly and heavy rains, as well. later this afternoon, for dc and baltimore, flood watch. unless they drop it is scheduled to go in to affect in 5:00 until 4:00 in the morning. we notice a few clouds and a couple of thunderstorms on the mountains earlier. those are moving south and west. temperatures have responded. frederick will have the thermometer fight all summer at this rate. they have to replace it or move it somewhere else. 88 manassas and 86 andrews.
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89 in fredericksburg. and we have a heat index of 91 with mostly sunny skies and a dew point of 64 degrees. our storms you can see them behind the banner here out of ontario. once they get here, where it is a lot hotter and more unstable, these will intensify. and we will have to watch from north to south as they come down and can do a number on us. behind the storms, front pushes through from the northeast. we cool down big time. mid-70s tomorrow. after low 90s today. topper will be tracking the storms for you all evening. go to the website and check that out. even the hurricane outlook which we have on the website, too. and the weekend is getting better by sunday and monday not bad but a chance of storms in the afternoon. it is pet line thursday. sharon from all breed rescue is here. hey, cheryl. you have two beautiful dogs here. tell me about them. >> this is daisy. she is 2 years old and the mom of snowball which is five
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months. she was actually given up. she was used as a breeder and given up to a lady named robin who is from and she went to get her spayed and realized she was pregnant and that's where snowball came from. >> are you trying to keep these as a pair? >> she would like to, but they are okay if they go separately. >> they are real sweet dogs. i imagine something if they have a smaller place they could handle them because they are smaller dogs. >> definitely. >> do you know if they are goods for kids. >> no kids under six is what i would suggest. >> these are good dog and you want to help daisy and snowball give them a nice home, contact the folks at and get info at our website as they come on pet line nine at go though the pet section. jc is in the kitchen as we come back when 9 news now at noon
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. i had an early morning celebrating older americans month. i'm a card carrying member. down on the mall with the administration on aging. so i started eating early some of the chef's nice treats that he brought for us. i'd like for you to meet rsvp catering chef greg greenberg and he's going to give us some middle eastern ideas for memorial day weekend. thank you for being here. of course i'm chewing on --
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>> we are making a lamb baklava. start with phyllo. you can get it in the grocery store it. >> is so light. >> don't be intimidated by it. just get this up and what makes this is instead of the butter between the sheets you put a little honey and balsamic vinegar and gives that sweet, a little sour flavor. much like a baklava which is sweet. >> it is okay if it tears. where do you get this? >> in the freezer section ott at the grocery store. and the filling we have here is a lamb. it is ground lamb. you saute it with onions and a little hazelnuts. you can use it in wall empty nuts that you find in the more traditional baklava. brush that and tate take another two sheets and what we are doing is making small or deserves.
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>> it is all right. >> it's okay. >> looking a little raggedy right now. >> no. >> that's the fun part of this. but you know my kids do this and we fit it together. >> and it's fun. >> what we will do is cut it real quick. basically we will cut it down in a line like this. you are going to take a little filling and put it here and then you make that triangle kind of shape. you line that up and add a little more just like that and brush it. putt it on the sheet tray and then you have the lamb baklava. >> how long do bake. >> ten minutes in the oven. >> the recipe is on our website at and that's very simple and look at all the other wonderful treats that the chef brought us from rsvp catering. chef, greg greenberg, oh, beautiful, beautiful. thank you for coming. >> my pleasure. we will look the recipes up on-
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line and try this at home and see whether we have any better luck. thank you for being with us. come back at 5:00. have a great day. my dad... people know a lot about dad. ♪ we know not to trust dad to set up a tent... but then again, the guy can start a fire with a wet sponge.
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